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What is the Vinnies Community Sleepout?

Homelessness is a problem often overlooked and misunderstood by the wider community. Vinnies Community Sleepout gives local residents the opportunity to join together and make a positive difference to the community you live in.

How can you make a difference to homelessness?

As a community you are uniquely placed to help shape and influence awareness and opinions around the issue of homelessness.

The Vinnies Community Sleepout will help to connect group members to their local community; raise awareness about the issue of homelessness in Australia; and will contribute to the development of your local community.

The Vinnies Community Sleepout plays an important role in contributing to our work as well as raising awareness about social justice issues in our communities.

We would love to have your community group join with Vinnies through this event.

Download your ten step guide to hosting a Vinnies Community Sleepout HERE.

Top Individuals

  • Bryn Butler Bryn Butler ROCOG Community Sleepout Challenge. $140.00
  • Adam Reader Adam Reader's Vinnies Sleep Out $85.00
  • Jane Cox Lumen Christi Young Vinnies Sleepout 2017 $41.25
  • Alexander Abraham Alex Abraham's Vinnies Community Sleepout Fundraising $20.00
  • Duy Nguyen Duy Sleepout Fundraiser $20.00

Top Teams

  • Jenny Mills Catholic Education Western Australia Sleepout $2,317.75
  • Marianne Cole CEWA Community Sleepout Challenge $1,401.25
  • Tom Voakes Lumen Young Vinnies Sleep Out $1,324.15
  • Mildred Rego CEWA Community Sleepout Challenge $1,000.50
  • Yvette Clifton MCC Mini-Vinnies $413.85